Development Loans

It's a long-term loan for development projects e.g. purchase of Farm Input and equipment, Farm Development, Agro-Industries, and other Non-Agricultural activities, whose purpose is to eradicate poverty and create wealth.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The loan shall be granted to shareholders ONLY.
  2. The loan granted will be based on the members' ability to repay.
  3. Development loan is repayable in 24 months
  4. The applicant is required to have three guarantors,
  5. The guarantors must be capable of securing the loan granted by ability to repay from his payments in case of default.
  6. No guarantor shall be allowed to guarantee more than three loans
  7. Where the immediate monthly payment channelled through the account is not sufficient to clear the instalments or outstanding loan balances other sources of income due to the loanee or the guarantors shall be used to meet the deficit (guarantors are liable for the defaulted loan repayments).
  8. Security to be offered for the loan shall include: non-withdrawable deposits, and payments channelled through the Sacco, e.g. salaries, pensions, and produce.
  9. All development loans must be approved by the credit committee.
  10. All development loans approved must be recorded in the credit committee minutes.
  11. Development loans shall be approved subject to the availability of funds.

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