Mama Bidii Loan

Financed by the government under the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) where WPS is an intermediary. Its objective is to empower women entrepreneurs through affordable and sustainable credit.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Beneficiaries of the Mama Bidii loan shall be women who have attained the age of maturity with registered businesses in market centres.
  2. The repayment period is six - nine months and one year, on a monthly basis
  3. The interest is 8% p.a on a reducing balance, or as will be stated by the fund body
  4. The loan approval shall be done at the head office by the senior management and shall be administered at the branch managers who will ensure that the repayments are made.
  5. The amount granted shall be secured by guarantors who may include fellow business people or person with acknowledgement from the spouse.
  6. The applicant contributes 15% of the amount granted as cash collateral.
  7. Cash collateral shall be paid upfront and other chattels that must be offered as securities e.g. households be provided.
  8. Minimum and maximum amount is subject to the kind of business and progress achieved from the previous lending offered to the applicant.
  9. Change of cycle will depend on the kind of business, the progress achieved from the previous loan offered to the applicant and the repayment history
  10. The loan attracts an insurance charge of 1% of the loan granted.
  11. Interest is charged of 8%p.a reducing balance.
  12. A next of keen must append his signature.
  13. The loan is repayable on a monthly basis for a period not exceeding one year.
  14. The loan is granted on gradual growth mode i.e. a top up on every loan cycle depending on performance from the previous loans issued.
  15. Late payment on the repayment date attracts a penalty of 2% on the instalment.

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