Frequently Asked Questions

What do I benefit by being a member of WPS?

  • WPS offers a wide range of products and services that cater for all the members needs
  • Access to all types of loans and advances at affordable interest rates
  • Attractive interest rates on term savings
  • Personalised services that include door to door payment services
  • A friendly and a well established customer relations service.

How many years has WPS been in the financial business?

Since 1976 when it started as a Union Banking Section (UBS) of Gusii Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. WPS has grown over the years and is now in the process of tranforming its Microfinance Department into a Deposit Taking Microfinance Insitution

How many branches does WPS have?

WPS has several branches and paypoints located within Kenya. These include:  Kisii, Ogembo, Marani, Kebirigo, Nyamaiya, Nyamarambe, Keroka, Magombo, Nyamache, Oyugis, Ikonge. Paypoints: Tabaka, Kenyenya, Nyamira, Nyamusi

What are the requirements of opening a savings account?

This depends on the type of account being opened. Standard requirements, however, include

  • Photocopy of National ID Card
  • Duly filled and completed

How much do I need to save to acquire a loan from WPS?

  • Loans are approved based on a members ability to repay the loan.

What measures has WPS put in place to ensure it remains stable?

  • WPS is run by a qualified and experienced management
  • WPS has been licensed by SASRA to conduct deposit taking SACCO business these means that WPS activities are regulated by the government
  • WPS works very closely with the Ministry of Cooperatives Development and Marketing
  • WPS is one of the best insured SACCOs within the country

What are WPS' recent achievements?

  • WPS has established strategic alliances with other organizations both nationally and internationally to improve her service provision abilities. Most notable being with PAMIGA (Participatory Microfinance Group of Africa) to transform its Microfinance Department to a DTI.
  • WPS received the ILO Wedge Award 2011, for being the most outstanding financial intermediary for WEF from inception upto 2011
  • WPS has diversified its membership to include people from all walks of life

Who owns WPS?

  • WPS is a public institution that is 100% owned by over 100,000 shareholders who include, but are not limited to farmers, teachers, civil servants, pensioners, businessmen, institutions, Jua Kali Artisans, among others

What can I do if I need more information or assistance ?

You may either:

  • Fill the contact form on this site and we will get back to you as soon as we can
  • Visit any of our branches and talk to the customer care representative / branch manager.


  • Call the SACCO Toll free line 0800720099

Physical Address: Kahawa House, Opp. Gudka Westend, along the Kisii-Sotik Rd ,Overlooking Daraja Moja
Tel: 058 30220,058 30221, Mobile: 0736 856060 , Fax: 30219 , E-mail:

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