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Mission, Vision and Core Values


Our Vision

To be the financial services provider of choice.


Our Mission

To enhance social economic welfare of our members through mobilization of resources and provision of affordable, accessible and sustainable financial services

Our Vision


You, our Concern

Core Values

The Sacco’s vision and mission will be achieved through embracing the following core values:

  • Customer Focus –  The Sacco is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of products and services with high regard for its members and stakeholders.
  • Integrity –  In the conduct of the Sacco’s affairs, WPS will consistently uphold the highest ethical standards, and shall demonstrate honesty and fairness in all operations. The Sacco will also endeavour to maintain a culture of transparency and accountability in dealing with its customers and stakeholders.
  • Teamwork –  WPS recognizes the importance of teamwork in achieving results. The Sacco will foster teamwork among staff, board members and stakeholders in order to enhance achievement of its mission and objectives.
  • Creative and Innovativeness –  The Sacco recognises the need for creative and innovative approaches to addressing the ever-changing customer needs. Therefore, WPS will encourage and support creativity and innovation among the employees.
  • Professionalism –  The Sacco will uphold professional and personal standards in the conduct of its affairs while ensuring provision of high quality products and services to its customers.