Integration with the Rest of Africa!

The poor are the most vulnerable to economic instability. WPS has been very good at reaching the poor through the provision of affordable financial services to even those deemed unbankable. The Okoa Account which is a zero rate account has seen even the lowest of income earners get access to financial services. At the same time, the SACCO has developed products like the corporate account, biashara account among others to include higher income members with the option of personalized banking services i.e. Wakenya Fahari Banking Services.

The second major achievement has been the creation of employment and decent work. Through its microfinance department WPS has been able to directly impact the lives of women in the rural areas by financing their income generating activities. Value Chain Financing is among the new concepts developed and implemented at WPS. The dairy and banana value chains have been isolated and are being financed. This will eventually spread to more other value chains. The Value Chain Concept sparked the interest of the participants and we took time to go out to visit the Keumbu Community Milk Vendors to get firsthand information on the dairy value chain.

Participants were then taken to our branch in Keroka were they got to meet and interact with WPS staff while being taken through the branch operations. It was here that the wrap up session was carried out and participants made comments on WPS, and also gave recommendations on what they would like to see WPS improve on. We thank all of you for your participation and welcome you back… you’ll be surprised at the improvements we’ve been able to make based on your recommendations!